About Us

With us you are in the right place at the right time!

BTR LOGISTIC OÜ was established in 1999.
For all these years the main field of activity of BTR LOGISTIC OÜ was provision of logistics services.
At the early stage such services were limited to international road transportation and related expedition services.
As the company grew the range of services was expanding. We have added combined transportation from South-East Asia. At the same time BTR LOGISTIC OÜ also started offering the package of additional and supplementary services to its customers. These services include:

  • Search for specific goods in the EU member-state and countries of South-East Asia;
  • Trade credits and installment payments to loyal customers;
  • Provision of consulting services on preparation and conclusion of transactions in the EU countries to all customers;
  • Provision of flexible models for performance and finalization of transactions to all customers.

Technical support for transactions include:

  • Development of the model of delivery of goods from the seller to the customer using modern technologies and different means of transportation in order to provide for optimization of expenses;
  • Offering optimal ways to insure risks.

Meie põhimõtted on:

  • Avatus – iga klient igal ajal võib loota professionaalsele nõule meie ekspertide poolt.
  • Konfidentsiaalsus – kogu informatsioon meie partneritest ja klientidest on turvaline, mis välistab igasugust riski ning kontrollimata kasutamist.
  • BTR LOGISTIC OÜ krediidireiting